May 18, 2003

Before and After

I've recently realized something crucial about the trouble with me and blogging. As I understand it, I'm supposed to blog about what's going on in my life...daily events...etc. However, the problem with this setup is that I never have time to post when things are actually happening in my life. And when I DO have time to post, I don't have anything interesting to blog about. Hopefully, this will all change when I'm move to Maryland (in less than a month) because I'll be working in an office and I'll have more time to be on the internet in general. Who knows.

But anyway, let's get to the real reason I'm posting... fun pictures. Yesterday I cut off all of my hair and gave it to kids with cancer. Erica also got her hair cut pretty damn short. In other news, the love of my life has managed to become even hotter and more lesbianic than the last time I showed you all a picture of her. I don't know how that happens... but I ain't complainin.

Here is me before melindameasuring.jpg
and after carefree.jpg

Here is Erica with her new look. ericabeinsexy.jpg

But best of all, here is the new (and improved, in my oh so humble opinion) Miss Astro

Can you believe that shit???

The End

Posted by j*2the*olie at May 18, 2003 02:04 PM

Good lord! The two of you look like you're about to step out on the town. Permanently. Hot, hot bishes!

Posted by: Jacob on May 18, 2003 07:39 PM

ha ha ha ha i'm still just staring with a slightly slack jaw. shit that astroturf is sexy. good on you, jolie. good job you.

Posted by: michele on May 18, 2003 10:40 PM

Well, thank you, Michele. But I can't take any of the credit for her sexyness... and I've been giving thanks to the goddess of divine intervention for the lesbitarian transformation. Not to mention a smidgen of gratitude to the Republican party for handing her over so graciously.

Posted by: Jolie on May 19, 2003 10:20 AM

holy cow. you look so good, erica looks so good, your ex is so fucking hot...i can't take the heat! get out of the kitchen! hoo!

Posted by: didofoot on May 19, 2003 11:46 AM

ps way to go on looking hot for cancer kids. double the benefit, double the fun.

Posted by: didofoot on May 19, 2003 11:56 AM

I told you short hair would look good, Jolie. And now your head has vindicated me.

All other heads involved look just as lovely.

Posted by: jason on May 19, 2003 02:33 PM

Well, I'm glad my head could do you justice. =P If you keep your curley locs, we can be twins come June! June! June! Soooooo sooooo soooon! =)

Posted by: Jolie on May 19, 2003 07:20 PM