October 25, 2003

Pre-Halloween POCR Night

Tonight I went to a special, Halloween edition of POCR night (POCR stands for People Of Color Retention). It’s basically a time for all the colored folks in my program to eat soul food, vent about institutional oppression, damn the man, and tell racist jokes that only we get to laugh at. Our group was kinda sparse tonight because everybody has midterms. We couldn’t meet next week because that’s homecoming weekend and everybody has to work. Here is the pic, aren’t we cute? My costume is a shameless rip-off of Jason’s arts&crafts masterpiece from last year. Luckily, no one from my cohort was in the Castro last year on Halloween, so I’m in the clear on this cost ~*sneaky snicker*~

In other news, I’m going to see Ben Folds exactly one week from today. Yay me!

POCR Night halloween

Posted by j*2the*olie at October 25, 2003 10:23 PM

why is he only going on the east coast?!? why?!! but i have ordered the little EP thing with sample songs on it and that will just have to tide me over.

Posted by: michele on October 25, 2003 10:56 PM

interestingly enough, i was just telling teh 10 year old i babysit the story of how jason came to be arts and crafts last year, and in so doing i told her that the reason we had pipe cleaners around was b/c you were medusa. she got all excited and said she was going to tell her friend who doesn't know what to be that she should be medusa. so see, it's all just part of the circle of halloween costumes.

this heart-warming message brought to you by ms*d, who should not even be on the internet right now. it's 8 in the fucking morning! god dammit!!!

Posted by: erica on October 26, 2003 08:17 AM

I feel Old. Ooooooooold. Falling apart and boring old. Like crumbling sandstone. dry and gritty.

*I'm not sure what inspired this message. I just felt like sharing.

Posted by: Jolie on October 26, 2003 12:54 PM