April 27, 2004

back in action!

hey everybody! it's been too long. i think the problem is that my creative writing juices are being sucked up by the ass-load of papers i have to write, and it leaves me nothing much great to write about to y'all. nevertheless, i thought i'd post today, since it's the first time i've been on movable type for ages. i actually figured out how to delete comments ALL BY MYSELF!! frankly, the comments weren't that offensive, but i think i'm high with the power of being able to delete a comment that someone far off made on my site. just try to welcome threequarters back to cementhorizon life! i'll delete your ass so fast you'll be... you'll be... well, when i think of something funny that you will be, i'll let you know.

in other news, this guy came over to see one of our vacant rooms (three people are moving out in june... it is so much sadness) and we realized we had music theory class together all freshman year! 8 o'clock in the fucking morning, 5 days a week, two semesters. it was a total shock for both of us, especially realizing that that was *6 YEARS AGO*. six years. i'm amazed he recognized me, i was usually buried in oversized hoodies and barely had my eyes open in that class. he knows trevor c. and reminded me of a beautiful moment, when we all had to compose original pieces of music at the end of the year, when he had trevor c. sing his composition, which entailed a lot of falsetto singing about the joys of dental floss. ahhh, freshman year. anyway, i think he's going to move in. i'm hoping he doesn't have too many expectations for what i'll be like based on my freshman self. i don't know, have i changed that much? i feel like i'm a different person, but i'm probably not. my hair's just curlier, and that's just a perm.

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