March 10, 2003

Greetings from Planet Cali

As some of you may know, this Saturday I will be flying to Maryland for my second round of assistantship interviews. Now, I have been having plenty of doubts about whether or not I am cut out for east coast life. I am well aware that I grew up, not just in California, but in SOUTHERN California – which is infamous for having a culture of its own. In order to prepare for the possible move, I’ve been trying to cut back on my use of the word “like.” I have kept my drug related jokes to a minimum. And I’ve been reminding myself that I am rather driven when I stay in an environment that fosters such behavior. However, all of my efforts may be in vain. Some things are just beyond me.

Today, members of my potential cohort started sending “let’s get to know each other and stress out together about our interviews via e-mail” letters. One of the first things I noticed is that I am the only person who seems to be from a school that no one has heard of. But I didn’t let that discourage me. “UPS was a good school,” I said, “I can play with the big boys.” Then I went on to read the following conversation:

“I'm also really excited about meeting all of you this weekend. So, I guess the big question is: business casual or business attire on Sunday?? Survey please.”

“And as for the poll - I think that sporty business casual is a good plan.”

“Oh, for me, I'm rolling with business casual!”

I’m serious people, is this how they talk over there in the land of appearances count? I mean, I wasn’t planning on going in flip-flops and a bikini top, but shit dude. I just don’t know what to do with myself. Am I overreacting, or do these people seem like they are from another planet? Survey please.

Posted by j*2the*olie at March 10, 2003 04:16 PM

"rolling with...."???!!! ha ha ha! well def cause it's an interview i would go with business attire.....but that's just me. plus east coast people ARE snobs. and they're very conceited too. i hate east coast people. and yet i'm directly related to a good 200 people over there. it's a sad life i lead.

Posted by: michele on March 10, 2003 04:20 PM

I would say business attire as well. You can't be too snazzy in an interview. Mr. sporty business casual is going to come across like someone riding daddy's money and ms. business casual is going to look like an intern. Only you will shine in your lady armani suit.

Posted by: didofoot on March 10, 2003 04:24 PM

First of all, well done on the speedy responses you two. Second, I should have clarified that Sunday is not an interview day. We'll just be at dinner. However, possible employers may be present. Third, I can't believe you people know the difference between business attire, business casual, and sporty business casual. I guess it's because you people work in offices and I work with kids who pick their noses. Bottom line, I am SO SCREWED when it comes to attire. Screwed like you wouldn't believe. Screwed like I'll be in Gurlz Gone Wild Part II, which really is coming soon... I promise.

Posted by: Jolie on March 10, 2003 04:29 PM

well where will you be at dinner? if it's anywhere that you can get away with wearing something other than jeans, i vote suit. but only if you can be comfortable in a suit, otherwise you'll look like a kid playing dressup.

you are not screwed (unlike in gurlz gone wild which i am WAITING for) if you shop now. go forth! and suit up!

Posted by: didofoot on March 10, 2003 04:34 PM

Whatever you wear, a beret is essential. It draws a definitive line between those that like to wear berets and those that don't.

Posted by: jason on March 10, 2003 04:41 PM

i think business suit is best. first off you'll definately outshine everyone else who didn't respect the position enough to dress up for it. second, it's always a good rule of thumb to dress "not for the position you have, but for the position you want", to make it easier for them to picture you working there and making them proud. and since it's dinner, if you feel overdressed, you can always take the jacket off and be nice and demure with your little button down shirt and skirt. so either way you'll look nice, competent, and pulled together. remember all details count in first impressions!

Posted by: jade on March 11, 2003 08:28 AM

the best part about this, is that i can't even imagine jolie owning a business suit, let alone wearing one.

you own skirts and i think a pair of black pants right? you can wear either one of those. and then you just need a top. you're not screwed. do a fashion show for erica and make her help pick something out!

Posted by: michele on March 11, 2003 08:54 AM

Finally, Michele, a voice of reason. I do not, in fact, own a business suit or intend to purchase one anytime soon. And frankly, I have no desire to attend a school or interview for an assistantship where such attire would be neccessary. The whole things just sounds gross to me. I'm going in slacks and a blouse/sweater - depending on the temp. I'll probably be underdressed, but I really don't care all that much. Plus, one guy wrote and said that he was wearing jeans and a t-shirt (he might have been joking, but I don't think so)... so at least I'll be in better shape than him! =)

Posted by: Jolie on March 11, 2003 10:40 AM

well although i can understand how you would be put off by the whole dressy-ness if it was ALL THE TIME, i think it's just for this type of interview/affair thing that you have to dress up. you certainly don't have to be dressed up for classes normally or anything. bah. that would just be silly.

Posted by: michele on March 11, 2003 11:11 AM