April 30, 2003


oh, coachella, how i love you. i had forgotten what a barrel full of crazy monkeys you were. here are some of my favorite moments from the trip:

* i walked into the room, and saw michele and jacob with a look of awe and adoration on their faces. i inquired, and found that gene had made us eight cd's with two songs from almost every band playing at coachella. i proceeded to make the same face.

* then i went over to the bookcase and found the playboy i'd noticed earlier. opening to the centerfold, michele and kristen's looks went from awe and adoration, to awe and crushed childhood memories, staring at the extremely artificially enhanced coconuts of Tiffany, pop queen of the mid-eighties. the girl was STARKERS, let me tell you!

* jacob and i proceeded to rate songs on gene's cd's with boobs and areolas. good times.

* watching spearhead made me all gooey and lovey and fuck-dubya-ey inside. i fucking love those guys. and they were throwing cd's into the audience, and a huge guy behind me reached up and snagged one, then promptly knelt down to my level and handed it to me. i have never been able to catch things in an audience, due to the fact that i am the tiniest of tiny. so that was pretty sweet. and then i went up and radioactive, who does beatbox and backup vocals and stuff, signed my cd. and the best part of that was that some kid behind me reached over my shoulder and held out his hand for radioactive to take something. so he holds out his hand and the kid drop a half a bowl of pot into it and just walks away silently. haha!! and the security guard was just like "you got any of that for me?" stoners. they're somethin' else.

* i also got my cd signed by ben folds, which you've all read about and seen on sushi. but i HAVE to write about it, since for me it was a whole other time traveling sort of experience. i mean, i literally was transported back to the age of 16. i got all nervous as we were going up, and i was fidgeting, putting lip gloss on, trying to breathe. it was silliness. but i am proud of myself, when i got up to him, he said "hey, how you doing?" and i said "good, how 'bout yourself?" which of course he didn't answer since he was busy signing my cd at the time. but so then i said my rehearsed line "i think you are the best ben here" which is insane that i thought that would be good to say, but see, he'd been joking on stage about how there are so many other ben's playing at coachella (ben kweller, ben harper) and i also didn't want to say something outrageously serious, but wanted to express my adoration without using the words "love" "music" "touched" or "meaningful"... so that's the best i came up with. anyway, he kind of laughed and said thanks and then we took a picture with him and HE PUT HIS HAND ON MY BARE SHOULDER. i almost melted, though that could have been from the 85 degree weather too. oh, and then when i said thanks he said "no problem" and kind of patted my shoulder. i'd like to think ben folds was trying to be all up on me, but really i think it was probably a pat like you'd give a really cute puppy. but whatever, i'll take that too! see, how i am with the 16-ness of it all? sheesh.

*after leaving the concert on sunday, we were in the parking lot, where kristen had put her t-shirt on, and skillfully removed her bikini top from underneath. sharing in the relief her breasts felt in their new-found freedom, she let out a tremendous "whoooo!!", flinging her top skyward, right as some cute guy came around the side of the truck. oh lord, what a beautiful moment.

* one of my last memories before passing out in the backseat while other, less caffeine-challenged drivers took over, was pulling to the side of the parking lot in a gas station, turning the car off, and making everyone be very quiet while i called the sub line to say i was sick and wouldn't be at work the next day. suckas!!! but really, i deserve it, goddammit.

all in all, quite the wonderful weekend. thanks to ben folds, who i know is still reeling from touching my shoulder; thanks to black-eyed peas, for creating one of the most ridiculously offensive songs i've ever heard; and thanks to the coachella road-trip crew-- it was great haning out with you guys. i feel like i haven't seen you nearly enough lately, and i had been missing you. let's get together again soon, starkers or no starkers.

Posted by ms*d at April 30, 2003 08:09 PM

the kristen "whoo" breast "freedom!" moment was amplified for me by the fact that i saw the cute guy coming up minutes before he got there and i was very carefully attempting to orchestrate him going by the car just as she pulled the bra top off. considering that both these events were completely out of my control, i think i managed to do a damn fine job.

kristen: yes! freedom!
cute boy: (startled look)
kristen: uhhhhh, hi.
cute boy: hi. (continues walking)
me: i totally saw him coming.
kristen: bitch!
jacob: celebrate the freedom! starkers!

Posted by: michele on April 30, 2003 08:56 PM

this crew should totally hang out more. perhaps at a certain LONG ISLAND music festival with a certain mr elliott smith? in a certain starkers kind of way?


Posted by: didofoot on May 1, 2003 11:26 AM

just vote no on kristen's insanity.

Posted by: michele on May 1, 2003 11:54 AM

yeah! let's totally go to long island! we can stay at my mom's house in massapequa. wait a minute. who are you people?

Posted by: holohan on May 1, 2003 02:34 PM