August 31, 2003

Best Weekend Ever

It seems like my summer of depression is coming to an end. The air conditioner in our house hasn't been fixed, but somehow it's no longer oppressively hot. After weeks of searching for a place on the east coast to replace the beloved Gottsi/6601, it finally hit me that I should look on the internet and I found Glasswear Studios. (Jacob, Dianna, and Erica should definately check this place out. They have an awesome selection of glass plugs at very reasonable prices. Plus they seem to know what they are talking about... which is always nice.) AND, best of all, I spent the entire day with Marina yesterday, because this was our last chance to get together before she skips town.

We started of at the Smithsonian and visited the Hirshhorn Museum of Modern Art/Sculpture Garden and the African Art Museum. Both were fantastic, but we ended up having to rush through the African Art because the museum was gonna close.

After all of our museum going, Marina and I were exhausted and turned to Dupont Circle for a little pep. We ended up having dinner at Ben & Mo's, a Sushi Bar/Lounge/Club/Internet Cafe/Hooka Bar with Arabic themed music and decor. Basically, it was pretty fucking awesome. The service was kinda slow and sushi was only a 7, on a scale from 1-10, but the quirkiness of the place more than made up for any shortcomings.

After sushi, Marina and I decided that we weren't quite full enough, so we decided to go for ice cream because Marina said it would "fill in the cracks." (That Marina is a funny kid.) We ended up finding this independent place that I didn't catch the name of, but the ice cream was AMAZING. Marina got something called "Fred and Ginger" that involved sweet cream, ginger, and peach liquor (if my memory serves correctly). And I got a flavor called "libido," which entailed Bailey's Irish Cream and pistachios. Yum! When I ordered, the interaction with the ice cream scooping guy went something like this:

Me: I'd like a single scoop of libido in a sugar cone
Him: (handing me the cone) Alright, here is a big libido for you.
Me: Oh, Thank you (in a sassy tone)
Him: I love you too
Me: (blushing easily because my sassyness had been topped by the ice cream man)

After ice cream we sat in Dupont Circle for a while and caught up on gossip. Then Marina was kind enough to walk me down to the White House because I still hadn't seen it and it was a nice night for a walk.

Bottom Line: This weekend has rocked the house. And I still have two more days left before I go back to work and school. Yeah for last minute summer fun.

Posted by j*2the*olie at August 31, 2003 09:05 AM

i LOVE this ice cream man. he makes me cream.

Posted by: michele on August 31, 2003 06:13 PM

i want to hereby apologize for that previous comment.

Posted by: michele on August 31, 2003 06:13 PM

No apologies neccessary here on threequarters. Remember, we're all about the kink. If ice cream men with sass do it for you, so be it.

Posted by: Jolie on September 1, 2003 09:09 AM

Yeah, don't sweat it, Michele. It's all in good humor, man.


Posted by: jason on September 1, 2003 10:10 AM

jason, you bastard! i love you. you and your libido. sorry, no puns here, i'm fresh out.

Posted by: erica on September 3, 2003 10:02 PM

i've heard good things about glasswear studios. like, for instance, that i could get the same damn plugs for my cheeks that i've been trying to get from gottsi, for a reasonable price, and have them within a week or so at the right size instead of waiting weeks for the wrong one.

don't get me wrong. i do still love gottsi. but they're slacking on me and it's aggravating.

Posted by: dianna on September 4, 2003 09:00 AM

Yeah, I am trying to be patient in waiting for them to get here...but I'm so excited for new plugs! Honestly, I looked all over the DC/Baltimore metro area to no avail.

Posted by: Jolie on September 4, 2003 11:35 AM