October 21, 2003

Week of Lame

Basically, it’s only Tuesday and this week already sucks the big one (and no, let’s not get into a debate about whether sucking is a good thing or a bad thing – I’m having a shitty week and I’m a lesbian, and if I want to use sucking as a negative term, I’m going to). I spent almost every moment of this weekend studying and writing papers, but my workload is so overwhelming that I felt completely unaccomplished. Yesterday, I rearranged my work schedule so I could meet with this director because I want to teach this class on LGBT Leadership, but that turned out to be a total waste of my time. When we scheduled the meeting, he seemed enthused about my interest. He even titled his response to my query “Outstanding!” – but then I got there and he basically told me I sucked and needed to teach this other class before he could trust me to teach the class that I’m interested in. Then, I skipped my first class in grad school so I could go to callbacks for the Vagina Monologues. I made it through the first round of cuts (100 down to 38), but in the end, my passion for Vaginas did not impress them. I just got an e-mail thanking me for my time.

Today, I’ve called in sick. Frankly, I think that being sick of this week should count. I’m going to use my extra 5 hours to finish a paper that’s due this afternoon, study for a midterm that I have tomorrow night, and possibly start a paper that’s due next week.

I hope your weeks aren’t sucking as bad as mine. If they are, Mercury is probably in retrograde or something – that bitch of a planet is always fucking things up.

Posted by j*2the*olie at October 21, 2003 07:14 AM

I would just like to add that a huge fan just fell from the sky and almost landed on my head. Apparently it was resting on a high shelf in the computer lab that I'm "studying" in. When I set my backpack down, it put pressure on the taut cord and pulled the fan off the shelf.

basically, I almost died --- but i didn't die, so things might be turning around! hmmm, this week is sketchy, very sketchy.

Posted by: Jolie on October 21, 2003 10:08 AM

to all of this i say: fuck it. damn the man, jolie, damn the man.

this is clearly a series of job-ian (not a word, but as previously stated: damn the man.) events meant to steer you from your path of righteous indignation and queer activism.

Posted by: ahe on October 21, 2003 10:40 AM

i hope this isn't my fault... i try to send you positive energy while sleeping, and last night i had a really strange no-so-cool dream (it involved me dealing with issues i have with some relatives and also involved me crying and being pouty and other weird shit... i felt like i was 10 but i'm pretty sure i was 22 in the dream).... so anyway, this dream could be causing you problems.

i'm not sure what i dreamed about sunday night, but i do know that i went to be listening to a very strange coast to coast about prophecies and it kinda freaked me out, so that might've caused problems too.

normally my nighttime energy is good, so i apologize...

Posted by: jason r on October 21, 2003 10:56 AM

I think that if the intention is to send positive energy, then that's usually what happens, funky dreams aside. However, last night I had a dream about recieving a wireless router in the mail, so watch out for those, Jolie.

I'm sorry your week is sucking (in the negative). I'll do what I can from this coast. I'll be on your coast this weekend!

Posted by: kati on October 21, 2003 11:14 AM

Ahe - you're absolutely right. damn the man! Testify!

Jason - I will not hold you or your crazy ddreams responsible. Appreciate your intentions.

Kati - you're gonna be on my coast??? What part of my coast, and why? That's so exciting. When you get here, watch out for huge fans falling from the sky. It's a definite hazard.

Posted by: Jolie on October 21, 2003 11:23 AM

my week is going good and tomorrow i'm running away to join the circus so things are just looking up and up. trapeze wire up even. but i'm sorry your week is shit. have a popsicle. and some chocolate. and urinate on that director's car. or if you can somehow get access to his shoes, that would be better.

Posted by: michele on October 21, 2003 11:51 AM

Michele, is this advice coming from you, or your many cats? I could be wrong, but "pee in his shoe" just sounds like advice that fucko or JC might give...especially JC.

Posted by: Jolie on October 21, 2003 04:20 PM

Pee in his shoe! It's a good idea.

Jolie, I'll be in Maryland this weekend for some Mary-making I guess. I'll be on the lookout for renegade fans.

Posted by: kati on October 21, 2003 04:31 PM

Clearly those girls* do not realize that your passion for vaginas** is superlative.

Maybe you would be safer here in Japan, where any fans that may fall on your head have an 87% chance of being the hand-held variety, i.e nonelectric. And hence, not very dangerous.

Anyway, I`m sorry you`re having a rough week...


Posted by: Melanie on October 21, 2003 08:53 PM

i'm sorry you are having suck. i think you would be great (and no doubt were great) in the monologues. here is a random amusing thing: when i was little i thought that a blow job entailed actually blowing on the penis. actually maybe that isn't funny to a lesbian. what do i know. anyways, i hope your week gets better.

Posted by: didofoot on October 22, 2003 08:13 AM

didofoot: i remember in sixth grade some stupid kid was trying to be all impressive about his sexual knowledge and was like, "jason, i bet you don't know what a blowjob is!" and im like, "it's sucking on someone's dick" (hey, i was a pretty perverted kid) and the guy was like "no, it's when you blow on someone's dick, you're so stupid."

... i hope when people are giving him blowjobs nowadays they just blow on his dick.

Posted by: jason r on October 22, 2003 09:24 AM

hey sometimes those shoes are just asking for it. i don't take no guff from footwear.

Posted by: michele on October 22, 2003 09:32 AM

i'm sorry things suck, jolie! you know what, though? i think what you need isn't a vagina monologue, but some vagina dialogues, know what i'm saying?? oh my god, i crack myself up. hahahahaha!!!! sorry. hope that helps. i need to talk to you!! call me, baby.

Posted by: erica on October 22, 2003 12:51 PM