December 26, 2003

In Addition to the Natural Disasters

I don’t have much to say about the last week or so. After finals I flew from Baltimore to San Diego. After that, I slept for a few days. Then I went to a few holiday parties. And basically I’ve just been bumming around Orange County. Tomorrow I’m supposed to spend time with Aaron’s mom. I’m gonna help her go through some of his things and organize pictures chronologically. On Monday, we are throwing a surprise 80th birthday party for my grandfather.

Last night my brother’s girlfriend’s parents came over to meet my parents for the first time. This is kind of a big deal because my brother generally goes through girlfriends as if heterosexual dating is going out of style and he’s got to break the record before the deadline. I like his current girlfriend, though – and it looks like he might stick with her for a while. She’s a self-proclaimed Feminist (impressive for a 16 year old) and I’m pretty sure she keeps my brother in line. Tomorrow, my brother is going away with her and her family for a weeklong visit with relatives in northern California. This is a picture that my father took of the two of them last night. Pretty cute, eh?


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December 14, 2003

Wintry Mix Anyone???

It sounds like a seasonal cocktail, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s just a fun name given to an unpleasant weather event. Kind of like the way they call, smog in southern California the “marine layer.” Anyway, Maryland is experiencing a Wintry Mix as we speak, which means we are receiving a lovely combination of snow, sleet, and ice rain (another new term I’ve learned). I’m totally excited, can you tell? The snow we had last week (from the noreaster – yet ANOTHER new term) has already melted because it’s been about 50 degrees outside and the sun has been out. But soon soon soon, we’ll be delivered back to the winter wonderland. =)

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December 10, 2003

Birthday Thanks

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who made my birthday special. It’s been a rough year, from applying to grad programs, choosing a school, moving across the country, grieving Aaron’s passing, starting a new job, dealing with my cracked out family, and surviving my first semester of grad school - and each and every one of you have helped me get through it. I am truly grateful.

Special thanks to

Erica – for her adorable post and multiple phone calls
Paul – for the cd and lifesize lesbian makeout poster surprise
Tikki – for the cd. I’ve been rockin the suburbs all week long.
The State of Maryland – for the snow, which made everything fluffy and beautiful
The OSL crew – for the amazing cake (and lack of public humiliation)
And everyone else – for all of your birthday wishes =)

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December 09, 2003

don't worry jason, I'm sure you're the bigger pomo ho

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December 07, 2003

happy birthday, beautiful.

jolie my love,

just wanted to let you know you are turning 24 tomorrow (or today, really, on your coast). in any case, just wanted to let you know, in case in all your business you'd forgotten. =)

what can i say? i love you to pieces, and i'm glad you weren't so scared of my eerie resemblance to your stalker ex-girl that you couldn't give me a chance. but really, how could two laughs like ours stay away from each other? it was inevitable. like peanut butter and jelly. like hip-hop and booty shakin'. like the fife house and church. like curly hair and red dye (just kidding! i won't do it, not at least until you've visited and gone back to the east coast).

anyway, i can't get enough of you, baby, and i lucked out when i decided to go on that trip to vancouver with US.

have a lovely day, sugar plum.


love, me

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