August 21, 2004

Who Woulda Thunk It, Nashville Can Suck It

Since Michele hasn’t written to update everyone on her and Kim’s whereabouts, I will take the lead. As of noon, Pacific Standard Time, our girls were in Mt. Vernon, Illinois taking in the sights, smells, and sounds of the annual Watermelon and Corn festival. You might think you are getting fun pictures of this later, but you’re not. Apparently, the sights at Illinois’ Watermelon and Corn festival involve neither watermelon nor corn. Not in real size, super giant size, or mini size. Only scads of cheerleaders and a giant blow-up Scooby Doo – which I’m pretty sure we have all seen before.

After all of this excitement, their original plans involved heading down south to Nashville, but then they realized that they could visit me instead! I believe Kim’s exact words were, "Nashville can suck it." So they called me and told me the plan and I said, "Yes indeed, Nashville CAN suck it. I am cooler than Nashville any day." So there you have it. They are rolling in Tuesday afternoon and spending the night. Saweet.

If anyone else wants to join us, come on over! No need to call ahead.

Posted by j*2the*olie at 02:26 PM