October 08, 2004

For Once It's Not Belated

Erica and Jolie in Tahoe.jpg

Dear Best Friend, it’s been 2 years in a row
That I have missed your birthday due to being far from home
Once again, I am stuck out here in DC
Missing out on all of your birthday glee

If I were there, I’m sure, we would paint the town red
We would dance all night till our legs were like lead
Alas, my daydreams are to no avail
The best I can do is say, “you’re present’s in the mail.”

On this, the celebration of your 26th year
You deserve a host of things that will make you cheer (and perhaps smidgen of something Queer)
You deserve a parade down Oakland’s streets
You deserve Missy E mixin you your very own beats

You deserve to spend all day in your big comfy bed
With leagues of hot women keeping you happy and fed
Or, you could just spend your whole day with Sophia
She’s funny, smart, cute, and couldn’t be sweeatah

However you spend your birthday this year
Please know I wish I could be there

I miss you too much. Happy Birthday!



Posted by j*2the*olie at 01:08 PM