February 25, 2004


Today I had a bonding moment with my staff when we took 45 seconds out of our weekly meeting time to scream really really loud. We didn’t warn anyone, so the incident brought several colleagues peeking through the office door and calling to make sure everything was ok. When we were through, everyone had a big smile on their face and you could feel the relief in the room.

Sometimes it’s important to take time to scream.


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February 09, 2004

I'm Comin Home!!!

I am ecstatic to announce that I will be coming home this summer to work alongside Michele at USF! I just got the job about 20 minutes ago. It’s nowhere close to the BART, so I’ll have to talk to Jason and Tanya about familiarizing myself with the San Francisco bus system - but the position comes with room, board, a plane ticket out there, and good pay to boot! Hard to beat, indeed.

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glitter cats and bellydance


michele ma belle...

when i first met you, you taught me how to do my hair and we made the basement of langlow our haven of girly fun-ness, not to mention a hide-out from janelle.

you have supplemented my wardrobe with innumerable articles of clothing.

you have sent me more postcards than everyone i have ever known combined.

you were one of the first to figure out the key to "erica time", namely, lying to me about when events start to get me there in a timely manner (this post is, as you can see, done in "erica time" as well).

you put up with my messiness for more years than anyone else. except maybe jacob.

you've watched me fall in and out of crushes and loves and crushes i thought were loves, and though you knew how things would work out, you waited patiently each time for me to figure it out myself.

you are always there for me, and you are always right.

i love you, sweetness. happy birthday.


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February 04, 2004

You should always take your heart medicine before looking under the couch…

To the Squirrel Community of Riverdale Maryland:

The residents of “4909” hereby request that you maintain a safe and reasonable distance from our unused chimney, fireplace, and all other entities of the interior residence. The events that have recently transpired have caused undue trauma to us as well as a member of your own constituency. We hope to maintain a respectful, distanced relationship in an effort to avoid any further conflicts or potential casualties. Thank you very much for your consideration.


The House of Five


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